Purchase Agreement

Dam                                           Sire                                           

                            Color or markings                                 

                                  Whelp Date               


It is agreed the seller will exchange the puppy for one of equal value when one
becomes available, if it is found to have an genetic defect affecting the health of
the individual puppy within 48 hours (2 working days) of purchase or pickup of
the puppy, whichever comes later.  This guarantee does not cover neglect or
injury caused by the buyer.  The seller requires, in order for this agreement to be
valid, that the buyer have the puppy checked by a certified veterinarian during
the guarantee period and that a veterinary statement accompany the puppy,  if it
is to be returned.  It is also agreed that the buyer will not fill out the registration
papers and buyer should return them with the puppy in order to receive a new
puppy.  If the puppy is not returned within 48 hours ( 2 working days) of purchase
or pickup, the seller and/or breeder accepts no further responsibility.  At no time
will the seller assume responsibility beyond the puppy.  Seller will not pay ANY
veterinarian fees.  It is further agreed that the buyer will care for the puppy in a
manner recommended by the seller during the guarantee period.  The seller does
not guarantee color, size or temperament of any dog.  Seller does not guarantee
the puppy for any particular fitness or purpose.


Date of Purchase______________

Buyer's Name _________________________              

Buyer's Address____________________________                                          

Buyer's Telephone ____________________________

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