This is Striker, a greyhound rescue
Horse Refuge
This is Striker, a greyhound rescue
This is Striker, a greyhound rescue
Boarus was rejected by his mother. We
bottle fed him since he was an hour old.
He is now with a ministry who requested his
service how could we say no!
Penelope was an unwanted pet that
we took in.  
Ernie has passed due to
bone cancer just after
his brother they buried
are under their favorite
oak tree together forever
Bobby is a bobtail  
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These porky pigs are
Mr. Tinkers
These pretty kitty's are
Other Animals Rescued       
Star her owner could no
longer care for her and
asked us to find her a good
home she is
available for
she is sweet and
submissive she is a chow
mix as far as we can tell
"Please take me home and
love me."
Striker is no longer with us
he died 2 months before
his brother.
Ironically  was brought
home to be with us 2
months before Ernie came
to live us also. They both
will be greatly missed by
all. Thank you all for your