All Dogs are AKC Registered
Our Cute Puppies
Retired mommas and papas up for
Always feed a high quality dry
dog food with free choice
clean water
Small dogs often live to
14 or 15 years of age.
The Pomeranian is an
extrovert, exhibiting
great intelligence and a
vivacious spirit, making
him a great companion
dog as well as a
competitive show dog.
Pomeranians are very
intelligent dogs that love to
please. Because of their
outgoing temperaments, they
can be very good family dogs
with the right training. Due to
their small size they don’t
require much exercise, but are
an energetic breed that needs
attention from their people
frequently. They possess a
thick double coat, which needs
to be brushed on a regular
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All moms up for adoption come with a $20.00 rebate
upon proof of spaying