Here at Twin K Oak's we focus on having fun while being safe, We train and
teach for all sorts of riding, from Barrel Racing to A relaxing trail ride to
jumping. We teach and train Western and English and halter showing.
We're located on a small farm in-between La Vernia and Floresville.
Special needs and Handicapped welcome.

Age's: 6 and up, Couples welcome or bring the whole family!
*Western or English
*Beginner ~ intermediate riding lessons and/or ride time.
*Horse/pony care
*Will include: Trail rides, and fun games on the horses........
*Horse/pony rides for party’s ( call for prices)

$25 per hour
Ask about our price break if you buy lessons in advance!
We offer Riding lessons for a flat rate of $2
5 per hour Ages 6yrs old and up.

We also offer riding time for those who have taking lessons and can pass a
basic riding test, then will be suited with the right horse for you.
Riding time is for those who are taking lessons or have had lessons in the
**Lessons and Ride time are all the same price**

Everything by appointment only
Little ones can have pony rides @ $10 per 15 minutes

******  SPECIAL ******
We have a home schoolers special. You will pay $20 per hour every time
you come (Rate will only apply within home schoolers hours ).
Hours of Discount:                         
$20 per hour during Weekdays between 9am ~ 2:30pm
***Special not valid during the summer Month's***

Our Hours are:
Monday ~ Friday Sunrise ~ Sunset
Saturday~Sunday 9:00am ~Dusk

Contact me by phone or email
(210)259-5910 Ask for Kerry
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Out here on the farm
Birthday Party's
I started my twin 9 yo daughters in horse back
riding lessons about 5 months back with Katy.  
She has moved mountains to make my girls feel
comfortable on a horse, and taught them so many
things, from health to loping - my girls favorite...
 The girls are now (feeling) very horse-wise, and
still learning (yes, from Katy).  I recently had
another "horse person" out to our ranch, and he
commented that I should commend our trainer as
my girls had wonderful seating on a bareback
horse...  Well, this, along with their comfort level
on a horse, allows me to say that, YES, Katy has
done wonders with my children and their training.  
Not to mention the help I got from Katy and her
family in buying the "perfect" horse.  Kudo's to
Katy and the Littles, as they have been a life
saver for my family.  AND, thanks to them for
steering us away from the (not so) "perfect" kid
horse.  :O)  We will keep coming back. KUDO'S
to Katy!

Comments from my students
Twin K
"Lit Doc Hollywood"
*~*Click here for pedigree*~*
*~*Just a few names from his pedigree*~*
PEPPYS IMAGE                 MCCUE
JOE HANCOCK                  SKIPPER W  
KING                                  LOWRY
MIGHTY TE                        LIGHTNING BAR
LOTTA CASH                     ECHOLENA
I have wonderfully enjoyed my lessons with Katy. She is
kind and very patient. She is a very good teacher and
knows her riding skills. I came asking for english riding
lessons. Well, now I'm jumping at my lesson, and it is all
because Katy taught me how.
Thanks Katy!
God Bless!
My 6 year old has been taking lessons with Katy and
loves it!  On our first visit I wondered if my daughter
would even mount a horse.  By the end of the first hour
she was as comfortable in the saddle as she is in her
own bed! Katy is friendly and well-organized.  She has a
planned progression for each riding lesson, but is flexible
enough to work with the individual rider.  I have had
some specific requests for my daughter's lessons and
Katy has understood and implemented them seamlessly.  
My daughter is not only learning to ride, but is also
learning basic horse care.  Katy provides additional
materials for further study at home.  My daughter is
learning horse anatomy along with her growing love for
riding.  And, Katy is a willing and knowledgeable assistant
in helping to locate and purchase our own horse.   Katy is
good at what she does. Thanks Katy!!
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